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Are you looking to take your Grand Theft Auto 4 gaming experience to the next level? If so, then it’s time to unlock cheat codes! Cheats can give you a competitive edge by providing infinite amounts of health, weapons, and money. However, they can also be used to simply make the game more fun. Read on to find out how to enter cheats in GTA 4.  

Entering Cheats Through Your Phone

The easiest way to enter cheats is through your character’s in-game phone. All you have to do is open up the dial pad and type in the appropriate code for whatever cheat you’re looking for. For instance, if you want infinite ammo for all weapons, then you would type “362-555-0100” into the phone and press “send.” Once that’s done, the cheat will be activated and you’ll be ready to go!

Using keyboard shortcuts

Another easy way to enter cheats is by using keyboard shortcuts. This method is particularly useful if you don’t want to pause your game every time you need to enter a cheat code. To use this method, just press one of the keys listed below while playing: – F1 = Health Boost – F2 = Armor Boost – F3 = Weapon Set 1 – F4 = Weapon Set 2 – F5 = Money ($250k) – F6 = Wanted Level Down – F7 = Wanted Level Up Once these keys are pressed in combination with certain other buttons (such as Ctrl or Alt), then the corresponding cheat will be activated. For example, pressing Ctrl + F4 will give your character an extra $100k in cash, while Alt + F1 will replenish their health bar completely. Conclusion: Using cheats can really enhance your Grand Theft Auto 4 gaming experience—whether it’s through giving yourself an advantage over other players or just adding some fun twists into your gameplay. Fortunately, entering cheats is relatively straightforward; all you have to do is either type them into your character’s phone or press certain key combinations on your keyboard. With these two methods at your disposal, unlocking cheat codes has never been easier!

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