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Are you looking for a way to make your time playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas even more exciting? If so, then we have just the cheat code for you! With this cheat, you can fly around Los Santos as everyone’s favorite web-slinger – Spiderman! Keep reading to find out how you can unlock this amazing cheat.

How to Unlock the Cheat Code

It’s easy to unlock the Spiderman cheat code in GTA San Andreas. All you have to do is enter a certain sequence of buttons on your PS2 controller while playing. To activate the cheat, press down, left, up(2), left(2), triangle, circle(2), left, down(3). After entering this sequence of buttons correctly, you will hear a sound effect confirming that it has been activated. Once the code is entered and confirmed, simply press R1 + L1 at any point during game play and get ready to swing across Los Santos! Not only can you fly around town with this cheat; if you press R1 + L1 again while in mid-flight, your character will shoot webs from his hands and start gliding through the air! It’s an incredibly fun experience and a great way to explore San Andreas from a whole new perspective. In addition to unlocking Spiderman abilities in GTA San Andreas for Playstation 2, this same button combination also unlocks an infinite amount of ammo for all weapons. So make sure to give it a try whenever you need some extra firepower on those tough missions. Conclusion: Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or just some extra firepower, unlocking the Spiderman cheat code in GTA San Andreas for Playstation 2 is sure to take your game play experience to the next level. Now that you know how easy it is to activate this amazing cheat code, why not try it out yourself today? Have fun and enjoy soaring through Los Santos as everyone’s favorite web-slinger!

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