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Are you a fan of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas who’s looking to add some excitement to your game? Look no further than the zombie mod! Zombie mods are an especially popular feature among gamers, and GTA SA is no exception. To help you get started on your zombie adventure, we’ve gathered all the information you need about how to access and use zombie cheats. Let’s get into it!

How to Access Cheats

Cheats can be accessed in two ways in GTA SA: manually entering them or accessing them through an external program. When entering cheats manually, simply bring up the console by pressing Ctrl + ~ and type in your cheat code. However, if you want to use multiple cheats at once or make use of more complex scripts, using an external program like CLEO makes things much easier.  

Using Zombie Cheats

There are several cheat codes that can enable zombies or other undead creatures in GTA San Andreas. Here are some of the most commonly used ones:
  • “AFZLLQLL” or “NIGHTPROWLER” – these codes will cause the streets to be filled with zombies at night.
  • “BIFBUZZ” – this code will cause the citizens of San Andreas to attack each other, sometimes resulting in zombie-like behavior.
  • “AEDUWNV” or “STATEOFEMERGENCY” – these codes will cause a state of emergency to be declared, with various disasters occurring throughout the game, including zombie attacks.
Note that using cheats can sometimes cause glitches or other issues in the game, so use them at your own risk. Also, some cheats may disable achievements or prevent you from saving your game. Once you have access to the zombie mod, there are several different cheats you can use to customize your experience. For example, typing “zombie scale 0” will reduce the size of zombies so that they appear smaller on screen. Alternatively, if you want a more challenging experience you can type “zombie max health 9999” which will increase their health points significantly. You can even create custom zombies with specific abilities or spawn unlimited amounts of zombies with a simple cheat code. The possibilities are endless! Conclusion: Zombie mods are incredibly fun and provide hours upon hours of entertainment for avid gamers. With just a few simple cheat codes, you can turn your GTA SA into a full-blown zombie apocalypse simulator! All it takes is a bit of creativity and experimentation with different codes to determine what kind of experience works best for you – so don’t be afraid to get creative! Have fun and happy gaming!

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